# 1 International Best Seller

Discover How You Can Heal Your Broken Heart from Divorce or a Bad Breakup:
Recover from the 9 Stages of Grief,
Manage Stress and Anxiety, and
Create Healthy Relationships for a 
Happier Healthier You! 

A must read if you want to go from surviving to thriving! 

Kelley Kosow, Spiritual Leader, The Ford Institute for Transformational Training

What People Are Saying:

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    Jenny Fenig

    Best Selling Author of “Get Gutsy” and founder of Get Gutsy University

    "Compassionate, real and full of actionable wisdome, 'Thrive Anyway' is a healing salve for anyone ready to bravely move forward after heartbreak."

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    Cameron Comstock

    Artist and Author of "The Adventures of Menlow Parker"

    "This book touched on so many emotions and especially the ones that people, myself included, have found to be difficult to understand let alone talk about."

  • Clifford Edwards

    Author of "The Forgiveness Handbook"

    "Thank you for getting this kind of work out there in this way."

What Will I Learn From This Book?

4 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. Learn optimal stress management techniques so the stress of your heartache isn't managing you - you CAN have the energy, focus and desire needed to move you forward.
  2. Recognize and understand how to navigate the nine stages of grief and loss - you CAN be in control of your life and make choices that empower you. You CAN create better family and intimate relastionships. 
  3. Tame negative, fault-finding and people-pleasing mindsets that contribute to unhealthy partnerships. You CAN make a strong foundation to build confidence and future relationships.
  4. Transform your "Inner Critic" and embrace your fears. You CAN break through old relationship and belief patterns and heal family conflicts. You CAN create healthy boundaries and identify healthy partner characteristics. 

About The Author

Youngest of six, I graduated from SUNY Purchase in 1991 with a BA degree in Anthropology and Photography. After a career in creating sustainable interiors, I became a certified holistic massage therapist and certified integrative coach. However, it was my own personal divorce that prompted the creation of Divorce Dialogues, a group coaching and support system for individuals facing this major life transisiton. 

It was during my 2011 contribution to Debbie Ford's research for her New York Best Selling Book, 'Courage' that I was able to find the courage within me to face what I had been avoiding, the unhealthy dynamic of my then marriage. It has been in the journey of leaving, surviving, then thriving that has added richness and depth to my life as well as my work as a coach. I have learned  the depth of my inner strength which enabled me to transform all the chaos, pain, and struggle into an amazing new life filled with supportive friends, family and new opportunities. I found true love in the most unexpected of places = within myself, my children and those I am closest to.

I can think of nothing I would rather do than continue to show others how to do the same for themselves.


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